Collaboration with
Counseling, Psychologists, Marriage & Family  Therapists

These sessions explore body centered treatments that support your sessions with your Therapist, such as:

·   Psychotherapists, MFTs, LCSWs, & Counselors
-   Relationship Therapists
-   Yoga Therapists
-   Life Coaches

Unexpressed stress in the body layers can disrupt your expression, disrupt your relationships, contribute to divorce, cause family challenges, interfere with employment and block inner peace and satisfaction. 

These sessions:

- Help you to be firmly grounded in your physical body.
- Uncover and access body-based memories, experiences and sensations, then help you turn them into words and emotions to process with your Therapist.
- Enhance your self awareness and insight.
- Support your  breakthroughs.  
- Dissolve, discharge and dissipate deep layers of physical and emotional stress.
- Support you to integrate all of your healing efforts into the coherent, embodied present.