Healthy Body ~ Healthy Business


A healthy business is built on a healthy body.


All aspects of individual and business effectiveness are based upon the mind and the physical body.


Personal focus, team synch, creativity, focus, operational execution, decision making, public speaking, contract negotiation and more.

My Clients

My clients are business people from a broad range of industry where  stress and pressure disrupts business outcomes and leads to physical symptoms sucess as stress adn illness.


The Costs

  • - Physical Pain
  • - Illness
  • - Relationship conflict
  • - Miscommunication
  • - Loss of Effectiveness
  • - Dissatisfaction

This coaching and training are draw from an uncommon integration of principles:

Integrated Health

Communication Science

Productivity and Performance Work cycles

Wellness and Prevention

Western Medical Science






Massage Benefits


Prolonged, excess stress disrupts your mind, emotions, communication and relationship. This effects all aspects of your life.

Massage and bodywork support many aspects of mind, communication and relationship.


Massage Enhances:

  • Relaxation
  • A wide range of health benefits
  • Self-awareness
  • Energy
  • Social-emotional physiology thus improving relationship skills
  • Cognition and executive function Primary body energy






Why Massage?

Collaboration with Executive health (pending)

   Team Culture

Individual and Team sessions