Sleep Wake Nutrient Detoxification Protocol


                                   Post Covid-19 Infection



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RE: Swift reduction of sleep symptoms due to night time/day time detoxification nutrient protocol, post Covid-19 infection.

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p. 1 Acknowledgements,Disclaimer, Legal agreement.

p. 2 Warning 

            Definition: Toxic, Detoxify

            Hypothesis:  Detoxification supports sleep outcomes

Summary of Protocol Solutions and Benefits

p. 4 Sleep Detoxification Nutrients .vs. Sleep Promoting Nutrients 

            Potential Applications

p. 5 Case study description and results

p. 6 Novel mind-body technique revealed innovative solution

            Results by week

p. 7 8 Steps of the protocol

p. 8 Detoxification nutrient: Standard dose

p. 9 Detoxification nutrient: Pre-sleep dose

             Acid/Alkaline: Bicarbonate salts

            Lab Tests: No Disruption from Large Nutrient Intake, week 8  

p. 10 Future Overnight Sleep Study

              Help other people overcome sleep problems: Please give feedback

p .11 Sleep Health Resources, General Discussion

Regarding the dosage of Ketotifen, the Mast Cell Stabilizing Drug.





Without the support of the following physicians, nurses and staff, it would not have been possible for me to create the novel treatment solutions describe below.  With much appreciation to:

  • - Sutter Institute for Health and Healing: , all MD’s, nursing and support staff, especially Babak Kanani MD, Wendy Reeves MD, Akil Palanisamy MD, Aparna Dandakar DO; Michelle Lutrelle, CRNP, PCP;  Regina M. Powers, RN, MSN, FNP-C, and a team of support staff.
  • - Kin Yuen MD, University of California San Francisco Sleep Disorders Center 



The following information is not a substitute for a consultation with a qualified nutritionist, physician, or healthcare practitioner trained in relevant mechanisms.  This document is for educational purpose only.  This document does not diagnose or treat any health, medical or mental health condition that you may have.  By reading this document you agree that if you attempt this protocol you do so at your own risk.


Legal Disclaimer and agreement


This document is written by Daniel Lappin.   It has not been reviewed by, nor is approaved by the following:  Sutter Health, Sutter Health Institure for Health and Healing, the University of California San Francisco Sleep Medicine Department, nor any of the individual health care practitioners acknowledged in this document.


By reading this document you agree to:

  1. Educate yourself on relevant issues.
  2. Consult an appropriate healthcare provider, if you choose.
  3. Customize this solution to your needs.
  4. Track and monitor your results so that you learn and grow.
  5. Stop these protocols and nutrients if they do not support you.



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Consuming large quantities of nutrients may be harmful to your health.  Consult your appropriate medical or health practitioner to discuss your specific needs and any risks specific to your condition


Definition: Toxic, Detoxify, Elimination

There are many philosophies and methods to detoxify the body.   The idea of ‘toxic’ and ‘detoxify’ vary across the disciplines within traditional western medicine, functional medicine, integrative health, and mental health.


In this document, the terms toxic and detoxify refer to:


Toxic: the normal waste material of the body.


Detoxify: the normal process of eliminating waste material from the body that occur during:  

  1. Consumption of food, the digestive process.
  2. Sleep, and brain, glial cells and glymphatic detoxification.
  3. Average activity of a person.

These toxic, detoxify Mechanisms relate to

  1. The elimination channels of the body, such as the glymphatic system of the brain.
  2. Methylations pathways
  3. Oxidative stress
  4. Free radical
  5. Sulfur processes.

The protocol in this document does not address or activate ‘detoxification’ processes to stimulate, or ‘flush’ the release of accumulated toxins from organs such as the liver and the lymphatic system.  Nor, principles of detoxification related to alcoholism.


Hypothesis:  Detoxification supports sleep outcomes

  • Increased toxic levels irritate mast cell systems in the brain and body, promoting inflammation and disrupting sleep.
  • Elevated bacterial and viral infections (Covid-19) create a burden to the elimination mechanisms of the body; lymphatic, glymphatic, visceral organs (liver, spleen, lymph nodes).An elevated toxic state past homeostasis can trigger a cascade of  disregulation across multiples systems of the body.
  • Increasing the quantity of detoxification nutrients, and targeting the dosage delivery across the sleep/wake cycle. can support night time detoxification, reduce inflammation and potentially mitigate the subsequent cascade of symptoms.
  • Do increased ambient stress loads in the population suggest that health practitioners more frequently prescribe detoxification nutrients?
      1. Supports elimination and detoxification systems?
      2. Reduces ‘irritants’ in the system that can provoke mast cell activation, and its consequences.
      3. Reduce pre-cursors to inflammatory responses.
      4. Support life cycle resilience
      5. A call for a next generation of mind-body-attention regulation skills directed towards the mast cell, immune system structures and mechanism.


Summary: Hypothesis of Therapeutic Action


The success of the approach described in this document, may be due to:

  1. Mast cell stability: a doubling of the dosage of the medication Ketotifen and the distribution the dosage during sleeping hours.Plausibly this approach stabilized mast cells in brain and body during critical sleep phases.
  2. Detox nutrients effected the functoin of visceral organs, such as liver, promoting sleep detoxification.
  3. The detoxification nutrients promoted the brain glymphatic system, during sleep phases.
  4. A combination of all of the above factors


Summary of Protocol Solutions and Benefits:


This document is a case report created by the patient, Daniel Lappin, who suffered for decades with profound sleep issues , including multi-hour sleep paralysis episodes, waking with symptoms that were described as pseudo-strokes, significant left side muscular-skeletal constriction, and transient and crippling levels of cognitive disruption.  With support from a sleep physician and a functional medicine doctor, Mr. Lappin self-created the protocol described below.


Within weeks, decades of difficult sleep issues were virtually gone.


The focus of this protocol is to support the normal mechanism of detoxification that occur from digestion, sleep and daily activity.  This protocol does not address accumulated toxins in tissues of the body.

The central solution was to consume large doses of over-the-counter detoxification nutrients at multiples times: 

  1. Prior to sleep, 
  2. After each event of waking in the night, 
  3. Upon waking in the morning, 
  4. And after each meal of the day.

Taking nutrients to support the body’s ability to detoxification during sleep, is a different tactic then taking nutrients to promote sleep, such as tryptophan or melatonin.


This document gives background information, plus details of the protocol Mr. Lappin implemented.


This is a case study of patient Daniel Lappin, who has an underlying genetic polymorphisms related to detoxification mechanisms of the body.  This extreme nutrient protocol helped him, yet it may be excessive for you.  Therefore:

  1. Consult an appropriate practitioner
  2. Study these issues your self
  3. Use your intuition, as MR. Lappin did, to his benefit.


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Sleep Detoxification Nutrients .vs. Sleep Promoting Nutrients


A common nutritional approach to sleep supports the mechanism that induce sleep, such as: 

- Tryptophan and melatonin


This nutritional approach supports the mechanism of detoxification. This potentially reduces inflammation and prevents disruptions to sleep; such as: Vitamin C, Quercetin, Co-Q10, zinc, magnesium.  See the list below.


Potential Applications

  • - Poor sleep: To date, the target condition for this protocol is a potential underperformance of the night time, sleep brain detoxification channels, such as phase N3 sleep (glial cell detoxification).  Under functioning of sleep detoxification may have a cascading effect upon multiple condition of the brain and body. Potential benefits to sleep issues include:
    1. Sleep apnea
    2. Physical pain during or upon waking.
    3. Other sleep issue not identified
  • - Covid recovery, or other viral infections.The protocol may support people who have had Covid, or other viral infections, and experience a disruption to sleep. Viral infection put a burden upon the physical system to detoxify.  An increase in a toxic load in the body, for multiple reasons, can create a cause and effect cascade that disrupts sleep.  Detoxification promoting nutrients may counter act this cascade.
  • - Toxic ‘ die off’ effect”.A supportive protocol for anti-fungal treatments to prevent consequences of a ‘die off’ effect.
  • - General health issues that include a disruption to sleep.


To Discuss with your Physician


  • - IS my body capable of handling a 'die-off effect'?
  • - Get a genetic test to look for genetic alterations to the methylations genes and other genes linked to detoxification, such as the COMT gene that influence sulfur mechanisms in the body.  This is exceptionally important if you are considering an anti-fungla or anti-bacterial protocol.
  • - If you are having difficult sleep issues discuss an overnight sleep study.Identify the  amount of time you are in phase N3 sleep.  Phase three sleep is when the brain, glial cells, are active in detoxification (Yuen).  If the N3 phase amount is low, the brain may be remaining in a toxic state during sleep and thus a cascade of problem can occur.
    1. Identify the cause of your sleep condition.
  • - Consult a healthcare practitioner who is knowledgeable in the detoxification methods and channels of the body, and the nutrients to support those processes.


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Case Study Description and Results


The protocol described in this document is a custom solution created by Daniel Lappin for his personal condition.  This protocol may not benefit you for you.  You will need to customize this protocol to fit your needs.


Daniel was born with several genetic conditions/polymorphisms that effect his methylation (one of the detoxification mechanisms of the body) processes.  Because of these polymorphisms his body becomes toxic easily and detoxifies slowly. 


The recent success of this protocol suggests that Mr. Lappin symptoms were being caused, at least in part, by his body’s inability to detoxify from normal activities, such as eating and sleeping.   Therefore, additional toxic loads, from a viral or bacterial infection, created additional, and at times significant, challenge and disrgulation to his body and brain.   This appears to be the cause of the notable increase in symptoms he experienced after contracting Covid-19 in May, 2022.


This suggests that an extreme protocol described here is what is needed to address his complicated condition.

  1. You may not have a similar genetic condition.
  2. You may have a mast cell activation disorder, that is irritated by toxic loads, if so:
    1. Increase Vitamin C, Quercetin, Anti-histamine herbs
    2. Consult your physician to discuss a mast cell drug, such as Ketotifen, or Gastrocrom.
  3. You may not need this extreme nutrient quantity.Adjust this protocol to fit your needs.
  4. Consult your appropriate medical, health, or sleep healthcare practitioner.


After years of slow progress to reverse his night time sleep issues, Daniel contracted Covid in May of 2022.  His symptoms, including sleep disturbances, became notably worse.


Potentially, the increased Covid viral load increased the toxic burden to his body and the elimination channels.  This may be a partial explanation for the increase in sleep symptoms following the Covid infection.


Mr. Lappin has been diagnosed with:

  1. Obstructive sleep apnea (Yuen, 2022)
  2. Mast cell activation disorder (Kanani, 2018)
  3. Toxic Metabolic Encephalopathy (Kanani, 2018)


Daniel’s post-Covid infection symptoms included:  waking 1 to 4 times a night, mild obstructive sleep apnea, multi-hours episodes of sleep paralysis, night time pseudo-strokes (shallow breath, left side muscles constrictions), disruption to motor function during sleep (described as abnormal involuntary movement), significant, sharp muscle pain and stiffness upon waking, gastro-intestinal difficulties, notable cognitive impairment upon waking, disruption to social engagement functioning.


Mr. Lappin received an overnight sleep study on August 23, 2022:

  1. The study suggested Obstructive Sleep apnea
  2. An N3 sleep measure of 1.7%.  This marker should have been closer to 20%.
  3. N3 sleep phase strongly influences detoxification of the brain during sleep.


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Novel mind-body technique revealed innovative solution


The ‘protocol’ solution described in this document arose during a two hour meditation conducted after consultation with Dr. Kanani, and reviewing the report from the overnight sleep study (Yuen).  The ‘protocol’ solution arrived ‘put of thin air’ using a novel mind-body technique developed by Mr. Lappin over the course of his long-term illness.  Previously, it provided important insights to his health condition, and provided significant recovery from the symptoms.


After the sleep nutrient protocol was initiated, no other forms of new therapies (herbals, vitamins, drugs) were introduced into Mr. Lappin’s regiment.


Results by Week


Results week 3


The sleep symptoms were reduced by 90 % within three weeks of implementing the detox nutrient protocol.

  1. Reduction in night waking events. Pre-Covid infection (May, 2022), Daniel was waking up one time per night.  Post Covid infection and pre protocol, Daniel was waking up 1-4 times per night.  Within 3 weeks Daniel was waking 1 time per night
  2. Sharp muscle cramps and pain reduced by 90%
  3. Improved cognitive function and speed of wakefulness in morning.
  4. General cognitive function improvement.
  5. Improved memory.
  6. Improved social engagement signaling.
  7. Improved physical balance and muscular dexterity.
  8. Improved visual clarity
  9. Improved mood.


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Results week 5


Achieved three nights of uninterrupted 7 to 8 hours of peaceful, restful sleep.  

Waking up once during night approximately 2-3 times per week.

Episodes of sharp night time leg pain, reduced to 2 times per week, mild level


Week 6-7: 

  1. Multiple nights of peaceful 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, with improved dreams, and gentle waking, feeling rested and peaceful. 
  2. Slept 7 hours without waking up, with no disruption. 
  3. Painful nighttime leg cramps 95% reduced.One episode per week.
  4. Most significant stability of sleep in many years, if not several decades.
  5. Significantly reduced cognitive disruption when waking in the morning.


8  Steps of the protocol

  • 1) Intermittent fasting
    1. Make your last meal 3-4 hours prior to sleep so that your digestion is completed when you lay to rest at night.
  • 2) Mind-body practices prior to sleep
    1. Do mild physical exercise prior to sleeping to promote blood circulation, oxygenation, and to elevate your mood.
    2. Engage mind-body reflection
      1. i.To shift internal brain, endocrine and body systems to calm and organize your mind and body.
  • 3) Pre sleep hydration

                    Begin hydrating 2 hours prior to sleep.  Drink as much as your body desires. 32 – 64 ounces is good.   

  • 4) Pre-sleep nutrient detoxification dose

            Take ‘Pre sleep’ nutrient dose prior to sleep.

  • 5) Nutrient detoxification ‘standard’ doses during the night.Take a ‘standard’ dose in the middle of the night, every time you wake up.
    1. Hydrate at that time as well.
  • 6) Morning Nutrient detoxification dose
 a. Take a ‘standard’ nutrient dose upon waking.
  • 7) Detox after Meal: take a ‘standard’ nutrient dose after each meal of the day.
    1. Bonus idea – take 5-10 drops of oral rosemary essential oil, under the tongue, and let it soak in.Rosemary stimulates the liver and gallbladder, promoting natural elimination processes, such as helping to overcome a stagnant liver.
  • 8) Variable doses of MSM and bicarbonate salts during the day, as needed.
    1. MSM:½ to 1 teaspoon several times a day
    2. 1/16 to 1/64 teaspoon bicarbonate salts , as needed during the day


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Stages of Nutrient Dosages implementation


The nutrients consumed and the timing of their consumption changed  as I gathered insight in to the benefits. It was a dynamic learngin journey.

  1. Initially, a dose prior to sleep.
  2. Does prior to sleep plus a dose after each waking episode during the night.
  3. Added dose in morning.
  4. Added dose after each daily meal.


Detoxification Nutrients: Standard Dose

The ‘Standard’ dose is taken:

    1. Every time you wake up in the middle of the night.
    2. Upon waking in the morning.
    3. After every meal during the day
    4. See: Pre-sleep dose. For the dose with additional nutrients to take prior to sleep.See below  


The nutrients of the standard dose are:

  1. 250 mg Vitamin C.
  2. 100 Mg Quercetin (sometimes can find blended with Vitamin C, as above)
  3. 250 Mg Glutathione reduced
  4. 300 Mg Alph-lipoic-acid
  5. 15 mg Zinc. 
  6. 300 + mg Magnesium Threonate (At week 4, reduced to 100 mg Magnesium)
  7. 600 mg N-Acetyl Cysteine
  8. 100 mg Co-enzyme Q10, or Ubiquinol
  9. One teaspoon MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) ; or a capsule of MSM.


Note: Mr. Lappin adds 0.5 Mg of Ketotifen and HI blocker and mast cell stabilizing drug at each of the standard dose to address underlying mast cell activation disorder.


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Detoxification Nutrient: Pre-Sleep Dose  

The pre-sleep dose contains all of the nutrients in the standard dose listed above, and adds these additional nutrients.  This dose is taken only once, at pre sleep.


Standard dose, then add:

  1. 100 mg Resveratrol
  2. 0.3mg melatonin
  3. 200 mg ibuprofen
  4. DaVinci Labs – Hepaticlear, one capsule.Link: Hepaticlear
  5. Xymogen:Medcaps DPO, one capsule



Acid/Alkaline: Bicarbonate salts


Alkala and Tri Salts

Bicarbonate salts are unique in that the can either increase of decrease the pH level of the body as the body needs.   In general they reduce acidity in the body.


They are often used during periods of intestinal gas to reduce the acidic state and its consequences.


Take 1/16th teaspoon or less and place in your mouth.  Let it dissolve and absorb into your mouth.  After a couple minutes ewither swallow or spit out.


Under conditions of toxicity, the elevated acidity can create fatigue.  Taking a small amount of bicarbonate salts can help repair this state.


Bicarbonate products:


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Lab Tests: No Disruption from Large Nutrient Intake, week 8  


At week 8, a comprehensive metabolic panel was conducted out of concern that the high intake of nutrients might disrupt the biochemistry.

These results were reviewed by Michelle Lutrelle CRNP, PCP.


All Lab results came back normal, and typical, with no concerns.


An additional comprehensive metabolic panel will be conducted in February 2023, to again check if the high nutrient dose is disrupting any important  chemistry.



Future Overnight Sleep Study

An additional overnight sleep study is planned for early 2023, pending insurance approval.

The goal will be to assess the key markers of sleep, specifically any changes to the N3 phase of sleep.



Help other people overcome sleep problems: Please give feedback



If you use some or all of this protocol, and achieve benefits, please send me a brief description of your experience.   I will share your ‘de-identified’ (you will not be identified) story with the medical team that has supported me, so that they may share this protocol with others to reduce their sleep symptoms.




Thank you in advance,   Daniel

Send your story to: Daniel Lappin; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Sleep Health & Resources


Sleep, and the disruption of sleep, are phenomena that have many factors.  This document describes a small portion of sleep issues. Consequently, this protocol may or may not benefit you.  Hopefully it does.


Here are a few resources to navigate the Covid sleep landscape:


Why sleep problems continue after COVID infection


For many people, sleep troubles don’t end on Day 10 or when a person tests negative. To gauge how often sleep troubles persist, researchers surveyed more than 650 long COVID patients who visited the Cleveland Clinic’s reCOVer Clinic between February 2021 and April 2022. Up to six months after an infection, 41 percent reported sleep disturbances; an additional 7 percent reported disturbances that were severe. Black patients, 12 percent of study participants, were three times more likely to report sleep problems compared with other groups—echoing disparities seen throughout the pandemic, says Cinthia Peña Orbea, a sleep specialist and lead author of the study, which was published in June.


Sleep Disturbances in Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19



Regarding the dosage of Ketotifen, the Mast Cell Stabilizing Drug.


As the field of Mast Cell Activation is young. The public knowledge regarding mast cell dynamics and treatments is still new to the populaiotn, and new to some physicians.


The field of Mast Cell Activation is relevant due to the increase in general stress to the population.    Increases in viral infections, that can increase the burden to the elimination channels of the body, and contribute irritants that can affect the Mast Cell Membrane.  This can potentially trigger a Mast Cell release of its chemical messengers.  This can then trigger immune system responses.


With  the current sleep detoxification nutrient protocol, I am consuming 2.5 to 3.0 mg of Ketotifen, a mast cell activation stabilizing drug.  This dosage is distributed across 5-6 doses per 24 hour period.

One question arises: to what extent , if any, are the improvements in my sleep and functional capacity caused by the quantity or distribution of the Mast Cell stabilizing drug?


The answer is uncertain.


In the past, I was taking a higher dosage of Ketotifen, 1.25 mg per dose.  I was taking two to three of them per day.  The totals 2.5 mg to 3.75 mg per day.  During that period I did not achieve the improvements to sleep and function as I have with the significant increase to the detoxification nutrients.


Consequently, my conclusion is that the improvement to my condition is the result of the large doses of detoxification nutrients, not a change to the amount or timing of the mast cell drug Ketotifen.  However, consuming 0.5 mg of ketotifen at multiple intervals may be adding benefit in some form.  




Copyright, Daniel J. Lappin, 2022.  All rights reserved.