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-  Three Different Themes

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Natural, Wholistic, Integrative Approach

-  Advanced Integrated Treatments

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Three Different Session Themes


Massage and Bodywork

Stress & Trauma

Mind-Body Coaching

  1. Massage, Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal 
  2. Chi Gong and Energy Work
  3. Voice, Sound, Singing and Breath
  4. Meditation
  5. Mind-body Integration Skills and Affirmation (Energetic and Verbalization)
  6. Guided Visualization and Imagery, Progressive Relaxation
  7. Posture, Presence and Being
  8. Trauma Bodywork and Somatics
What to Expect in your Session
If you are coming in for a traditional massage, get ready for a fantastic experience.
If your session will include mind-body coaching, or stress and trauma work, your session may include these five aspects:
1. Face to face conversation  to build an alliance and learn about your story.
2. Mind-body skills
3. Movement and presence to establish 'being'.
4. Table massage and bodywork
5. Implementation and coaching
Natural, Wholistic, Integrative Approach

Whether you a looking for a relaxing massage, or more indepth support, my uncommon approach blends practical skills and treatments that support you to live your life more fully, with more ease. 
The approach is based in mind-body, touch and massage therapy to access and integrate  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experiences.   List of Integrative Modalites
This approach addresses a real need, and fills a gap in the services provided by licensed health care professionals and licensed mental health professionals.   It is a step below traditional talk therapy, and a step above medical treatments.
This is the deep layer were a person's experiences, and their self-concept, are held deep in muscles, organs, and tissues of the body - the deeper energy of psych and being.
My approach works at physical and mind-body layers deeper than most medical, health and mental health professionals.   These deep layers effect our wellness goals.  

This approach is inquiry and coaching oriented, educational and experiential. It references a variety of Integrated Mind-Body and Wellness information and skills.

Advanced Integrated Treatments
Advanced treatments are available to support your physical and mind-body goals:wellness and creative expression .
Using a structure process, we go to a deep level of your mind and body to find:
- Wholeness
- Connection
- Life Force
- Clarity
- Expression
- Resilience
We go to a level where old stress and trauma lives.   These areas can hold the root of stress, pain and dissatisfaction.  They can block and distort many areas of your life:  health, relationships, personal goals, personal satisfaction, and more.
Too often illness, life dissatisfaction, and social challenges are due to deeply impacted separation that starts early in child hood.  over the time-line and life-cycle of our lives, we become disconnected from ourselves, from other and from the synchronicity of life.  This separation shows up in very specific regions of the body.  These dynamics may not make sense to the 'thinking brain' because they live within the recess of the entire physical and energic body.

As we walk in the cycle of life and death. How can we be in the flow of life, not the push of life? How can we turn the tide? How can we remember and live our true nature?  Our true inner healing potential.

These session are designed to integrate with your existing wellness activities.  Treatments are body-centered, touch-focused, mind-body experiences that complement the treatments of your mental health and medical professionals, or other licensed healthcare professionals.  
The approach for advanced sessions is built upon an integration of Western, Integrative, Spiritual and artistic perspectives on the human body.  These sessions incorporate Anatomy and Physiology principles from multiple perspectives.   Contact me for more details.

- Hold client with high
regard and  compassion.
- Present and professional.         


- Practical, creative and engaging.
- Blend focus with laughter.
- Adapts to your pace and style.
- Non-Authoritative.
- Inquiry and coaching oriented.
- Help you find your own answers.  
- I support from the outside,
while you work on the inside.     
Practical and Goal Oriented

-  Lift  your mind, emotion, body and spirit.


-  Help you engage yourself in new ways.


- Help you to sustain your current skills and practices.


- Help you to implement new skills


-  Cultivate self-care and  self-healing.  


- Cultivate skills to use every day.

Direct Experience
One of the most profound aspect that makes Daniel's approach uncommon, is that he himself has been diagnosed twice with PTSD with medical disability.  Where as many practitioners study trauma therapy, Daniel has lived PTSD from the inside out.
This gives him a depth of compassion and understanding that is truely uncommon.  Sometimes it helps the client achieve break-throughs after consulting many other practitioners for years.
Read more about Daniel's uncommon approach: